The Anthony Mainguené-CIECST Foundation thesis award

The call for applications 2024 is opened until March 17th.

The objective of the Anthony Mainguené-CIECST Foundation thesis award is to distinguish young researchers whose thesis subject deals in its developments with ethics in occupational health and occupational health policies, in accordance with the CIECST guideline. The comparative approach to the subject may also be an element of appreciation, as may the prospective approach, the proposal of a project, the practical contribution and the vision carried by the thesis.

The selection is carried out in double blind by the members of the Scientific Committee or, if necessary, by qualified external figures invited to assess the work submitted.

The prize is endowed with a budget of 3,000 euros to help with the publication of a book, an article and/or the translation of a research work. The aim of the prize is to enable the winner to promote his or her work at the highest level.

Winners of the Thesis Award


Jean-Paul Dautel

Jean-Paul Dautel has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2017, after having practiced as a jurist and then as a lawyer in France for some ten years, in the field of employment law. He achieved a PhD in law under the joint supervision of the University of Ottawa and Université Lyon 2, after defending his thesis in 2022 on how French and Quebec law organize and contribute to the occupational integration and job retention of workers with a mental health disorder. After a Postdoc in law and industrial relations at the University of Ottawa and the University of Montréal (UdeM), where he conducted research on union intervention in the protection of the mental health of employees of major airlines, he has held the position of professor of occupational health and safety in the industrial relations department of the UQO since May 1, 2023. In addition to his legal background, Jean-Paul DAUTEL holds a degree in French-speaking ergonomics. His research focuses on the occupational integration of people with a “psychic” disability, the return to work after an absence due to a mental health disorder, psychological occupational injuries, the impact of work organizations on workers’ mental health, and union participation in these areas.

Doctoral dissertation in law entitled How do French and Quebec law organize and contribute to the occupational integration and job retention of workers with a mental health disorder?” under the supervision of the late Katherine Lippel and Denis Nadeau (University of Ottawa) and Sylvaine Laulom (Université Lyon 2).




Julia Aubouin Bonnaventure

Julia Aubouin Bonnaventure defended her PhD thesis in June 2021 at the University of Tours (France). It was carried out under the supervision of Professors Evelyne Fouquereau and Séverine Chevalier and financed through a CIFRE agreement by the firm AD Conseil and the National Association for Research and Technology. Julia is now a research engineer in work and organisational psychology at the Qualipsy laboratory of the University of Tours. Her work focuses on the study of the effects of organisational practices on the psychological health, attitudes and behaviours of workers.

Doctoral dissertation in psychology entitled “Virtuous organisational practices (POV): From their conceptualisation to their operationalisation and the study of their relationship with the psychological well-being, attitudes and behaviours of workers” under the supervision of Evelyne Fouquereau and Séverine Chevalier, University of Tours, QualiPsy Laboratory EE1901, thesis under CIFRE agreement with AD Conseil.