COMPAVHT project

Enable the social partners to better seize violence and harassment at work: comparative study France, Belgium, Quebec

On November 2, 2021, France authorized the ratification of the ILO 190 Convention on violence and harassment at work. According to article 55 of the Constitution, an international treaty is integrated into the internal legal order following its ratification, the terms of the Convention will therefore apply well within the French system. The Convention covers a very wide field which is an opportunity to revisit the scope of the law of violence and harassment at work that the social partners must seize. The objective of research is to determine how the latter seize the question through the study of French, Belgian and Quebec French-speaking systems in order to establish what good practices are.

OIT - Organisation internationale du Travail

Principal Investigator:

Loïc Lerouge
Principal Investigator

Research engineers:
Céline Teyssier and Gautier Debruyne


Project dates:
October 2022- July 2023