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The CIECST welcomes researchers from various backgrounds who wish to further their work on occupational health or to develop it. The Chair provides a research framework which encourages exchanges and comparisons across cultures and disciplines, and is likely to foster collaborations between researchers and between research teams. The aim is also to get to know and make known the approaches of international, national and New Aquitaine region researchers in the fields of occupational health and the raising of ethical awareness.

Currently in residence

Photo Nadia Bouldi

Nadia Bouldi

University of Lille – France

Nadia Bouldi has an interdisciplinary PHD in law and ergonomics. Her interest is in health prevention law and collective bargaining law. Her aim is to act and respond to the demands and needs of companies, branches and society.  This is for individuals, collectives, and organizations developpment. It is in this context that she is interested in legal analysis focusing on real work concept.

After a first experience in design engineering with a technocentric approach, she has evolved towards an anthropocentric understanding of situations, thanks to two professional and research Masters in ergonomics. Currently she holds the position of ergonomic engineer at Pôle Santé Travail Métropole Nord (PST). Together with occupational health actors, and within the framework of labour law, and the service project of occupational health plan (PST, implementing the fourth regional occupational health plan (PRST 4), she supports companies in designing and transforming their organizations, in the Region of Hauts de France region.

Throughout her work as an ergonomist, she has developed an additional interest in labour law which has led to a doctoral thesis prepared within the EREDS research team  attached to the CRDP at the Faculty of Law at the University of Lille. In March 2022, Nadia defended her thesis on: “Prevention law in the light of labour sciences: law and regulation of real work”. Regulation is an operative notion that translates on the scale of the real, the principle of adapting work to the Worker (fitting work to the human), and includes a developmental vision of health, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

1 – 31 octobre 2022

Photo Michael RIOUX

Michael RIOUX

University of Avignon – France

Michael RIOUX holds a Phd in public law and is the author of a thesis on multifactorial diseases in the public service. He has written twelve articles mainly on occupational diseases but also on American constitutional law, urban planning law and public procurement law.

He taught as an ATER (Temporary teaching and research assistant) at the University of the Antilles and then as a contractual teacher at the University of Guyana. He is currently a contractual teacher at the University of Avignon and a member of the Research Centre “Biens, Normes et Contrats” (EA 3788) and of the research unit MINEA (EA 7485).

19 – 21 October 2022

Peter Anderson

University of Gothenburg– Sweden

Peter Andersson is Juris Doctor and works as senior lecturer of private law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is specialized in occupational health and safety law. Covering topics such as psychosocial risks, proportionality and risk assessments he has published two books and several articles in Swedish and international scientific journals.

23 – 29 October 2022

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David Lantarón Barquín

Université de Cantabria, Santander – Espagne

Former Dean of the Faculty of Law, David Lantarón carries out teaching and research work at the Universidad de Cantabria (Santander, Spain), as a full professor of labor law and social security. He obtained his doctorate in 2002 with an award-winning thesis on the non-judicial solution of labor disputes. He was also awarded the Extraordinary Degree in Law award as well as the fifth “Alfredo Gorostegui Corpas Memorial” award for law students.

David Lantarón is the head of the “Labour Law and Social Protection” research group at the University of Cantabria. He has continuously participated in several research projects on a competitive basis at the national level, in which he has investigated several questions. At the European level, he collaborated within the framework of the Jean Monnet programme. He has also published more than 190 articles including 7 monographs on non-judicial conflict resolution (2003); Arbitration on Union Election Procedures (1997, three authors); public health services (2007); prevention of occupational hazards in public administration (2007); employers’ agents in sectoral collective bargaining (2012); decent work and the international protection of labor rights (2019); and working time (2020, multiple authors). A new book, focusing on employment policies, remote work and digital rights, is due to be published in June 2022.

January 2023

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Year 2022

  • 1 – 20 July 2022 : Mirko Antino, University of Complutense – Spain