Visiting researchers


The CIECST welcomes researchers from various backgrounds who wish to further their work on occupational health or to develop it. The Chair provides a research framework which encourages exchanges and comparisons across cultures and disciplines, and is likely to foster collaborations between researchers and between research teams. The aim is also to get to know and make known the approaches of international, national and New Aquitaine region researchers in the fields of occupational health and the raising of ethical awareness.

Currently in residence

Silvia Fernández Martínez

University of Santiago de Compostela – Spain

Assistant Professor in Labour Law and Social Security at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). She has been Postdoctoral Researcher in the Area of ​​Labour Law and Social Security at the University of Alcalá (March 2019-February 2021), with a contract funded within the framework of the Research Talent Attraction Program for Community of Madrid Research Groups, and Senior Researcher at Fondazione ADAPT (Italy) (November 2017-February 2019). She holds a PhD in Labour Law from the University of Bergamo (Italy) (2018), with a thesis about the impact of chronic diseases on the labour market from a legal perspective, for which she obtained a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research of 3 years duration. She is also a member of the Technical Executive Committee of the CIELO Labour Community (2015-present) and of the Cantabria Prevention Chair (2022-present).

May- July 2024

Emanuele Dagnino

University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Italy

Emanuele Dagnino is a Researcher of Labour Law at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where previously served as Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant.  He holds a PhD in Human Capital Formation and Labour Relations at the University of Bergamo and a Master Degree in Law at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy), both obtained with highest grades and cum laude. His master’s thesis has been awarded with different national prizes.

Expert in labour law, his research focuses on the transformation of work and its effects on labour law in broad sense, making use of a comparative approach. His publications deal with all the different aspects of labour law, from the regulation of the employment relationship and OSH regulation to collective bargaining and industrial relations, from labour market policy to social security.

Since 2019 he has been involved with a coordination and operational research role in public-funded projects dealing with issues related to occupational health and safety and to the social and work integration of workers affected by illnesses and diseases. He is currently involved in a research project titled “LIVEABLE – Labour as a driver of sustainable development” in which he is deepening the policy solutions adopted in different legal systems to deal with the growth of chronic diseases in the world of work.

June- July 2024

Olívia de Quintana Figueiredo Pasqualeto

Fundação Getulio Vargas, São Paulo – Brazil

Professor of Labour Law at the Fundação Getulio Vargas Law School (São Paulo, Brazil). Senior researcher at the Center for Education and Research in Innovation and Associate Researcher at FGVCidades (Fundação Getúlio Vargas). She was an external consultant for the International Labor Organization. She holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Labour and Social Security Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo. She was a postdoctoral internship at the University of São Paulo, funded by Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq). She has experience in the field of Labour Law, Occupational Health and Safety, International Labor Law and Empirical Legal Studies.

July 2024

Lourdes Mella Méndez

University of Santiago de Compostela- Spain

is a Full Professor of Labour Law and Social Security at the Faculty of Law, in the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). She is the sole author of a large number of books (Spanish language), including: 1) “La formalización del despido disciplinario” (Granada, 1999), 2) “Sucesión de empresa y convenio colectivo aplicable” (Granada, 2000); 3) “La extinción de la relación laboral por jubilación del trabajador” (Valladolid, 2002); 4) “El compromiso de actividad del desempleado” (Madrid, 2005); 5) “La reconvención en el proceso laboral” (Madrid, 2007), 6) “El precontrato de trabajo” (Madrid, 2010); 7) “La responsabilidad indemnizatoria del trabajador durante la vigencia del contrato”, La Ley, Wolters Kluwer (Madrid, 2017).
She has also coordinated and co-authored several books (Spanish language), as for example: “Case Studies of Social Security” (A Coruña, 2010), “Social Security Practice” (Madrid, 2011), “Gender based Violence and Labour Law” (Madrid, 2012), “Work and Family Life and the Economic Crisis: Studies from International and Comparative Law”, Publishing company Delta (Madrid, 2015); “Employment Law Practice”; Delta, 2015; “Distance work and Teleworking. Studies on their Legal Status in Spanish and Comparative Law”. Publishing company Aranzadi Thomson Reuters, 2015; “Teleworking in Spain: theoretical and Practical Aspects” (Madrid, 2016); editor and preface: “Nuevas tecnologías y nuevas maneras de trabajar: estudios desde el derecho español y comparado (Alemania, Reino Unido, Polonia, Portugal y Argentina)”; “The social and labour current changes: new challenges of labour market”, Peter Lang, Suiza, 2017 (editor of 5 volumes); “La Revolución tecnológica y sus efectos en el mercado de trabajo: un reto del siglo XXI”, editorial La Ley Wolters Kluwer (2018). She is alos a co-editor: “Digital work and personal data protection”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK, 2018); 4) coeditor “The balance between worker protection and employer powers”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK, 2018); 5) co-editor and co-author: “The balance between worker protection and employer powers ” Cambridge Scholars Publishing (UK, 2018) ; 6) editor and coauthor “Labour Law and the Gig Economy: Challenges posed by the digitalisation of labour processes, ROUTLEDGE (UK, 2020); 7) editor and coauthor of “Regulating the Platform Economy International Perspectives On New Forms Of Work”, Routledge (UK, 2020).

Furthermore, she has also written more than one hundred articles and book chapters, which are published in different countries and languages.

Since 1997, she has often spent time abroad as a visiting professor working at prestigious universities and giving lectures and conferences at many universities and international conferences (eg., Sydney, Amsterdam, Bergamo, Cagliari, Porto, Bordeaux, Dublin-Eurofound, Buenos Aires, Paris, Russia, Montevideo). She is running research projects on at national and regional level and is the recipient of many national awards for Legal Research. She has also been the Director of several specialisation courses, Masters and national and International Conferences.

She is the General Coordinator of an International Network (CIELO Laboral: which is made up of experts from more than 34 countries, in Europe and Latin America

July 2024

Hena Boukachabia

Badji Mokhtar – Annaba University, Algeria

Hena Boukachabia is a second-year Phd student in occupational and organizational psychology at the Badji Mokhtar – Annaba University, Algeria, where she is preparing a thesis on the mechanisms for dealing with abused workers in service institutions. She holds a master’s degree in social psychology from the Université 8 may 1945 Guelma, with a thesis entitled ” Emotional intelligence and its relationship to academic excellence in university students “. Ms. Boukachabia worked as a substitute teacher in the Department of Psychology and Speech Therapy at Badji Mokhtar University – Annaba during the first semester of the academic year (2023/2024). As a mental arithmetic trainer, she holds several certificates and qualifications.


July 2024

Coming soon


Jean-Paul Dautel

Université du Québec en Outaouais, Quebec- Canada

Jean-Paul Dautel is a professor in Occupational Health and Safety  at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO, Quebec, Canada) and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2017, following roughly a decade of practice as a jurist and then as a lawyer in labor law in France. He completed a joint doctoral degree in law at the University of Ottawa and University of Lyon 2, defending his thesis in December 2022. His dissertation focused on how French and Quebec laws facilitate the employment integration and retention of workers with a mental health disorder. His doctoral research was awarded the 2023 Anthony Mainguené-CIECST Foundation Thesis Prize and the Paris Bar Medal. In addition to his legal education, Jean-Paul Dautel holds a degree in Francophone ergonomics, which focuses on activity analysis to understand work determinants and their impact on health and productivity. His research interests include the professional integration of individuals with a “psychic” disability, return to work after mental health-related absences, psychological occupational injuries, the effects of work organizations on workers’ mental health, and union involvement in these areas. He co-edited a special issue of the Communitas journal (from DSJ at UQAM) on “The Plurality of Normativities in Occupational Safety and Health” (with K.Lippel, Communitas, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2021) and is co-editing a forthcoming book titled “Mental Health at Work, Organization and Work Transformations: Critical, Pragmatic, and Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Quebec” (with M.Dufour-Poirier, PUQ, expected in 2025). He is also a member of the SAGE Team, ISS, Crimt, Penner Institute, and in France, Cercrid. Additionally, in 2024, he is joining the Research Collective on Work Relations and Transformative Research (FRQSC – Renewing Team).


November 2024

Previous research stays

Year 2022

  • 1 – 20 July 2022 : Mirko Antino, University of Complutense – Spain
  • 1 – 31 Octobre 2022 : Nadia Bouldi, University of Lille – France
  • 19 – 21 Octobre 2022 : Michael Rioux, University of Avignon – France

Year 2023

  • 13-17 March 2023 : Peter Andersson, University of Gothenburg– Sweden
  • October – December 2023 :  David Lantarón Barquín, University of Cantabria, Santander – Spain.

Year 2024

  • March 2024 : Miu Shibuta, Hirosaki University – Japan
  • March 2024: Yukie Hihara, Yamagata University – Japan
  • June 2024: Kirsten Way, University of Queensland, Brisbane- Australia.