Functioning and governance


The CIECST is managed and coordinated by Loïc LEROUGE, Research Director at the CNRS and member of the COMPTRASEC UMR 5114 CNRS-University of Bordeaux.

Nushaba BAGHIROVA is in charge of the scientific support to the research projects as well as the administrative and financial management of the CIECST.

Steering Committee

It represents the institutional and financial partners of the CIECST, they represent the socio-economic world. Steering Committee’s task is to deal with issues relating to the Chair’s activity (research progress, research orientation, budget monitoring). It is also invited to plan the subjects and themes of scientific events under the Scientific Committee’s tutelage. The Steering Committee meets once or twice a year, either face-to-face or remotely.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of representatives of the Chair’s partner teams in the New Aquitaine region, as well as qualified and independent external figures (to ensure that the committee is not both judge and jury). Its role is to suggest, to the Steering Committee, themes and subjects for the programming of scientific events, to participate in the organisation of those events, to facilitate scientific collaborations, as well as to evaluate the scientific quality of the work carried out in the framework of the project. It will be called : as and when required and will meet several times a year, either remotely or in person.

Chair’s functioning is subject to regular evaluation by the financial partners, according to the procedures defined in the agreements signed with each of them. In any case, annual and mid-term progress reports will also be produced in order to constitute milestones relating to the Chair’s activity.