PSTJ Project

Health Work Promotion for Youth

In the field of occupational health, the measurement of literacy levels is beginning to be investigated. However, these researchs are not always comparable because they are based on multiple definitions of the subject, which leads to measures that are themselves singular. These relate either to a level of perceived competence in accessing, understanding and evaluating information, or to a more objective measure of knowledge in this area. Some tools are derived from a general health literacy measure, others are created specifically. Finally, the psychometric qualities of these tools vary. To our knowledge, no French measure of occupational health literacy has been validated. This seems necessary to identify the protective character of this construct. The research project is part of a national context of current public policies, but also of research in health prevention. It also follows on from a pilot intervention research programme conducted from 2019 to 2021 with young people in vocational training (vocational baccalaureate).

The aim will be to construct and validate a French measure of occupational health literacy that can be made available to occupational health and safety trainers and placement tutors to support workers and young people newly employed or in initial vocational training (aged 15-30). The project also aims to assess the needs of young people in vocational training in occupational health literacy in order to design educational programmes adapted to initial training and aimed at the development of competences for action in occupational health. Finally, the aim is to measure the level of appropriation of occupational health literacy once it has been constructed among students, teachers and tutors.

Nouvelle Aquitaine

Principal Investigator:

Laurence Bergugnat
Project management and coordination


Research team


Sylvie Barbier

Barbara Duc

Sophie Fantoni Quinton

Olivia Foli

Isabelle Franchisteguy-Couloume

Alain Garrigou

Jacques Jaussaud

Loïc Lerouge

Muriel Prévot-Carpentier

Nicole Rascle

Lucas Sanz-Ramos