NPI project

National Policy Index (NPI) for worker mental health



The project is conducted by the Psychosocial Safety Climate Global Observatory (PSC-GO) placed under the direction of Pr. Maureen Dollard at the University of South Australia

The project aims to make an International overview of national policy frameworks relevant to work-related psychological health and protection against workplace psychosocial hazards. The research is carried out by Dr Rachael Potter (Research Associate, PSC-GO), and Professor Maureen Dollard (Director of the PSC-GO and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow) in collaboration with Professor Stavroula Leka (Emeritus Professor of Work & Health Policy, University of Nottingham), Dr Aditya Jain (Associate Professor in Human Resource Management, Nottingham University Business School) and Professor Loic Lerouge (University of Bordeaux).
Supported by an international Advisory Board including representatives from the German Federal Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (BAuA), TNO in the Netherlands, US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the International Labour Organization.

•   Mental ill health is an international public health crisis and current approaches have been ineffective.
•   Investigation of the role of national policy in improving mental health, providing strong evidence that certain national policy objectives do improve mental health via work conditions.
•  Global analysis of national occupational health and safety policy for worker mental health and, (2) validate a tool that quantifies national policy approaches in the interests of bolstering mental health through decent work.
•  Data were collected across 45 diverse countries, such as Colombia, India, Indonesia, China, and Norway. Data were obtained from national experts such as commissioners and federal ministry leaders.
•  The tool—the National Policy Index (for worker mental health)—correlated with enterprise-level PSC, highlighting the critical role of national policy in protecting worker mental health. Above and beyond national policy, national union density related to enterprise PSC, demonstrating that social action is imperative.


Potter R., Dollard D., Lerouge L., Jain A, Leka S., et al, « National Policy Index (NPI) for worker mental health and its relationship with enterprise psychosocial safety climate », Safety Science, 2024, 172, pp.106428. (10.1016/j.ssci.2024.106428)


Principal Investigator:

Dr Rachael Potter (Research Associate, PSC-GO)


Project dates:
Janvier 2022- December 2023