Research stays


Based on international exchanges, the CIECST offers ideal conditions for researchers from different backgrounds wishing to carry out a research stay in the field of occupational health and safety. The aim of this environment is to support them in perfecting their work or to help them to evolve. The CIECST offers a research framework that enables them to exchange ideas and share knowledge with researchers from other national and disciplinary backgrounds, but also to make known the know-how of the Bordeaux, New Aquitaine and French teams in the field of occupational health.

Rayonnage dédié à la CIECST
Rayonnage dédié à la CIECST

The quality of the reception of researchers on research visits is in line with the spirit of creating the conditions for high-level theoretical and practical exchanges on occupational health issues. The aim is to advance research and society on these issues.

Working room

A working room is available with a capacity for 5 to 8 researchers, each with their own space and workstation. The room is shared with the DETS departement.

Meeting room

An adjoining meeting room will allow researchers to meet and exchange ideas on common issues or on their respective cultural, national and disciplinary knowledge.

Documentation centre

A section of the COMPTRASEC Documentation Centre is specifically dedicated to occupational health. On a case-by-case basis, it is also possible to order a special issue of a journal if necessary.

Rayonnage dédié à la CIECST

If necessary, the researchers may be invited to speak to research teams in seminars or to students. If they wish, they may also participate in seminars organised by the various research teams to enrich their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity.


To do a research stay at CIECST and to start the necessary administrative procedures for your hosting (invitation letter, accommodation arrangements, etc.), please contact us by filling in the contact form.

In order for the research stay application to be accepted, applicants need to give assurances that they will be able to finance their accommodation and daily living.

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