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15Nov18h0020h00Café citoyenSpeaker Ludovic Picart (UPPA) "From psychosocial risks to quality of life at work"

Détails de l'évènement

15th NOVEMBER 2022 : 6pm – 8pm / Book & Coffee, Bordeaux

Following our research in management sciences on the organisational determinants of burn-out, our objective was to switch to work exploring the determinants of positive mental health. This mirror work enabled us to validate the relevance of a QWL approach. This approach is both obvious in terms of primary prevention of psychosocial risks and proactive in terms of promoting health at work. Our results highlight the crucial role of the N+1 in the mental health of his teams at work. Beyond the general organisation of the structures and the QWL agreements, it is indeed the N+1 manager who must take this approach. But he or she must be given the means to do so…

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